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ITC’s Triple Bottom Line Contribution

  • A turnover of nearly US$ 7 billion and a market capitalisation of over US$ 33 billion
  • ITC is a leading FMCG marketer in India.
  • The second largest Hotel chain.
  • The clear market leader in the Indian Paperboard and Packaging industry
  • The country's foremost Agri-business player
  • ITC Group provides direct employment to more than 29,000 people and creates livelihood for over 5 million people
  • ITC has been 'Carbon Positive' six years in a row (sequestering / storing twice the amount of CO2 that the Company emits)
  • Water Positive' for nine consecutive years (creating over two times more Rainwater Harvesting potential than ITC's net consumption)
  • Solid Waste Recycling Positive' for the last four years
  • All Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems in ITC conform to international standards
  • ITC's Afforestation Program has greened nearly 1,14,000 hectares
  • ITC's Women’s Empowerment Initiative empowers over 37,000 poor women
  • ITC's Watershed Development initiative irrigates nearly 65,000 hectares of dryland
  • ITC’s Primary Education Program has helped educate nearly 2,50,000 rural children
  • ITC's e-Choupal- world's largest rural digital infrastructure - empowers over 4 million farmers